The Mint Picker’s Man
Two female voices, bass drum, string quartet
Premiered by Annika Socolofsky, Anna Pidgorna, Mark Eichenberger and Daedalus Quartet

Flute, oboe, percussion, viola, cello, bass
Commissioned and premiered by Toronto’s New Music Concerts.

Like doves with grey wings embracing
Violin, cello, piano
Commissioned and premiered by the Gryphon Trio. This recording by the Chimera Trio.

What else can I give him?
Voice, percussion, cimbalom, violin, bass
Premiered by Anna Pidgorna, Mark Eichenberger, Nick Tolle, Courtney Orlando and Florent Ghys

Teach your daughters
Voice, violin, prepared piano
Premiered by Anna Pidgorna, Katha Zinn and Illya Filshtinskiy

A Pärtian meditation on an invented folksong
Violin, piano
Premiered by Katha Zinn and Illya Filshtinskiy

Obsessive circularity of thought
Solo harpsichord
Premiered by Kate Clark

Weeping for a dead love
Voice and percussion quartet
Premiered by Anna Pidgorna and So Percussion.

Through closed doors
Two violins and antique door
Commissioned by Thin Edge New Music Collective. Performed by Ilana Waniuk and Suhashini Arulanandam.

Bridal train
Flute, violin, accordion and piano
Commissioned and performed by Thin Edge New Music Collective

The child, bringer of light
Cello solo
Commissioned by Carnegie Hall; premiered by Paul Dwyer

The unanswered
Flute, oboe, clarinet in Bb, bassoon, horn in F, percussion, two violins, viola, cello, bass
Commissioned by the National Arts Centre, Ottawa, Canada; premiered by l’Orchestre de la francophonie

Light-play through curtain holes
Accordion solo
Premiered by Olivia Steimel

Premiered by the University of Calgary Orchestra

Evelyn’s Watcher
Bass clarinet, live audio and video processing
Premiered by Andrew Morrow

Off the Voice
Silent actor and electronics
Performed by Anna Pidgorna


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