Music through fire

So I’ve been planning this idea of burning musical notation onto a wooden door for over a year now (see this post). I finally got around to trying it out on a scrap piece of wood the other day. To my intense relief, it worked! Phew!

Wood burning sketch No. 1

This is an excerpt drawn from my new violin duo Through closed doors. The Thin Edge New Music Collective premiered the musical portion of this piece in February. Soon I will start burning the score onto this lovely door.

Door layout

I was playing around with layout while I was composing (must have ripped it all off and rearranged it at least three times). I had to make sure I didn’t compose too many “inches” for any particular section. I wanted the different sections to work with the structure of the door so that musical pauses corresponded with the physical need to walk around corners. The next step is to strip off the remaining paint and varnish (breathing in some chemical fumes for inspiration) and sand the surface to a nice, smooth finish.

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