The Mint Picker’s Man

Last November, I performed for the very first time with composer-vocalist Annika Socolofsky, who is a fellow student at Princeton University. My piece, The Mint Picker’s Man, for two voices, percussion and string quartet, was our very first duet. We love how our voices sound together and plan on creating more duo repertoire. Stay tuned!

Coming in from the garden,
your hands perfumed
by vines and marigolds,
you slide your palm
up my flowing weightless dress
and you mark me with your scent.

(I once met the Cinnamon Peeler’s Wife,
her body streaked with yellow brown dust.)

Your grassy whisper upon my lips,
you name me the Tomato Grower’s Wife.
Thus titled, I run my mint-stained fingers
through your golden curls,
and I crown you the Mint Picker’s Man.

                                  – Anna Pidgorna

Annika Socolofsky and Anna Pidgorna, voices
Mark Eichenberger, bass drum
Min-Young Kim and Anna Lim, violins
Jessica Thompson, viola
Alberto Parrini, cello

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