Carnegie Hall Workshop: Day 3

Today was weird. The twenty or so auditors descended upon us like a tsunami. Carroll Studios (where everything takes place) feel a lot more crammed now. On top of that, there was a full camera crew: two camera men, a guy with one of those microphones-on-a-stick, a recording technician, clip on microphones…all that was missing was a confessional booth where participants could unleash the full force of their suppressed artistic anxiety.

Amidst the chaos I got a private half hour with Kaija. We talked about The Child and whether it was succeeding as a piece of music independently of its very programmatic structure. We also discussed some strategies I could use to learn to feel time better, which is something I struggle with constantly. Kaija is very honest in a matter-of-fact kind of way, but also very kind and encouraging. She does not judge. She simply says it how it is while still being very sensitive to one’s artistic concerns.

Over lunch there was a really interesting question-and-answer session with Anssi and Kaija focused mostly on the collaborative relationship between composers and performers. It was fascinating to hear it from both perspectives. In the end it seems to come down to two simple things: trust and the absence of ego. Only in that space can honest and mutually satisfying music-making flourish.

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